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Crime Stoppers

A nonprofit program with cooperation between law enforcement, news media and public


Crimestoppers is a nonprofit program depending on cooperation between law enforcement, news media and the public at large. Crimestoppers encourages campus community members to call law enforcement with information to help solve crimes already committed, and/or those about to occur.

How it Works:

  • A crime is committed and you know who is responsible
  • Call Lyon County Crimestoppers at (620) 342-CARE
  • Your information will be taken in strict confidence
  • Your anonymity is guaranteed
  • You never have to give your name
  • You will be given a Caller ID number; you must keep this number a secret. After two or three weeks, call Lyon County Crimestoppers, refer to your Caller ID number and you will be updated as to the progress of your tip.
  • If your tip leads to the apprehension of the person(s) responsible, you may qualify for a cash reward.