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Intercultural Center

Committed to Intercultural Advocacy

Emporia State University is building a living and learning environment in which every student can thrive intellectually, culturally, socially and emotionally.

Emporia State University is committed to building an inclusive and diverse environment that welcomes all students, faculty, and staff and provides a sense of belonging within the Hornet Nation. By creating an Intercultural Center in the Memorial Union, Emporia State has a dedicated space to enhance lives through development of cultural awareness, building community, and accessing resources.

The center’s purpose is to foster a sense of cultural identity, encourage leadership and facilitate opportunities for critical reflection, informed action and social justice advocacy. It aids in enriching the lives of members of our community and creating a sense of belonging among historically excluded communities.

The Intercultural Center provides an open, welcoming environment for members of our community to learn about, understand and become comfortable with cultures and life experiences different from their own. The aim is to create a space where our students, faculty and staff can collaborate with, and draw strength from, one another while promoting connection among all members of the Emporia State University community.

Our Values

Increasing Visibility of Resources

The Intercultural Center at ESU hosts art exhibits, lecture series, diversity training, programming and discussion groups. The center also contains a resource library.

Developing Perspective and Building Understanding

The ESU Intercultural Center provides a space for members of the community to express themselves openly and foster a sense of community, which directly affects sense of belonging and retention rates.

Encouraging Self-Exploration

Individuals are made up of many identities that shape their experiences. The Intercultural Center aims to provide the space and education necessary to explore these intersections.

Supporting Faith Practices

The Interfaith Room gives all members of the community a centrally located and secluded space for prayer, meditation or quiet reflection. This space aids recruitment efforts and fortifies sense of belonging.

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ESU Diversity Ambassadors

Diversity Ambassadors

Assist in the planning of cultural heritage months; educate, advocate, and train peers as an arm of the Division of Diversity Student Programs.

Diversity Ambassadors
Hispanic Heritage dance

Events + Initiatives

Every academic year ESU celebrates, educates and honors members of different cultures. Visit this page to see our annual events.

Events + Initiatives
Student Speaking to Group

Identity Based Student Organizations

At ESU, there are over 100 registered student organizations that provide great opportunities for students to get involved.

Identity Based Student Organizations
Fountain in front of Emporia State University campus


Creating and supporting transformative experiences of spiritual growth, ethical reflection, interfaith + intercultural dialogue.

Corky statue

Corky's Dreamers

We provide a welcoming and safe space to assist students in navigating through Emporia State University.

Corky's Dreamers