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Together Forward Campaign

Hornets are leading the way to a brighter future

Together, Forward! It's our rallying cry.

On Founders Day, having raised $42,000,000 since 2017, we set our sights on an inspiring goal $50,000,000 by Homecoming 2021.

We didn’t just meet the goal; we beat the goal. We raised $54,852,637!

But this is only the beginning. We are aiming higher. $75,000,000.

There is so much more we can achieve and so many lives we can change.


Students at Homecoming Parade

Join us and give

There is no better time than now to make a difference. Every one of us is ready for a brighter future. Let’s go. Together, Forward.

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Imagine you could change the world by making countless lives happier, more prosperous and fulfilling.

More meaningful.

You can put into motion transformative change.

Generational change.

An education from Emporia State is transformative. It changes students’ lives. We have a gift for uncovering and developing our students’ potential. We meet them where they are and help them grow into who they want to be.

This is who we have always been. We know it’s a winning formula. Now we want to take our winning formula and make it bigger, bolder.

We want to EXPAND what is possible.

We want you to join us on this journey.

Together, Forward.

Case for support

View the case for support.

Together we can

Together, we can accelerate learning

Provide real-world experiences that prepare students for a complex world. The greatest teacher of all is experience.

Together, we can shine brighter

Attract the best and brightest in the Arts and Athletics to ESU. Success builds upon itself.

Together, we can transcend limitations

Seize every opportunity. When you invest in agility, possibilities become limitless.

Student Impact

Student Led Research

Publishing research is an important part of building a scientific career. Publishing as an undergraduate student puts you miles ahead of the competition. For students in Dr. Erika Martin's General Biology 141, conducting research with the goal of publishing findings is just a regular day in class.

Creating Bright Futures

"I just like the feeling of running and jumping. You have that moment when you leave the ground, and you're hanging there, just floating. Nothing goes through my head when I long jump. I'm just out there and probably the most relaxed that I ever am." That's how Jazmin Williams describes her 'baby', the long jump.

Invaluable Experiences

Having your research poster selected for Posters on the Hill, a D.C.-based research competition sponsored by the Council on Undergraduate Research, is an honor. It’s also an incredible opportunity. You get the chance to present your research in a very competitive program.

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