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Together Forward We can transcend limitations

Seize every opportunity

When you invest in agility, possibilities become limitless.

Unrestricted support is a priority investment in Emporia State University. Your support allows us to function more like a private sector business. With this flexibility, we can nimbly respond to opportunities and allocate resources in real time.

Your unrestricted philanthropic support has a nearly unlimited scope of possible impact. Like an investor, you are making an investment in our entire institution. You are putting capital to work for Emporia State to scale effectively in response to new developments and in alignment with our highest goals.

When you support the Together Forward Fund, it means leadership can seize the opportunities for our students to practice their skills, exhibit their knowledge, stretch their understanding and grow their capabilities.

Your support of the Together, Forward Fund allows us to adapt, align and evolve. This unrestricted support ensures that when deserving ideas arise, we can rally together behind them and carry them forward.

Initiative seeking support

Provide the Emporia State University President agility to enhance the student experience through support of the Together Forward Fund.