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Together Forward We Can Shine Brighter

Attract the best and brightest in the Arts and Athletics to ESU

Success begets success

Most students come to college to discover and develop their talents. Some, however, have already dedicated years to their sport, their art or their craft before they ever set foot on campus. Students thrive when their talents are recognized and encouraged. They raise the bar and lead by example.

At Emporia State, we want to recruit gifted athletes, musicians, artists and actors. We believe in what they are capable of, and believe they deserve to be rewarded. Nothing builds confidence faster than being recognized for your accomplishments. And confidence has a way of building on itself.

Competitive scholarship resources are necessary to recruit students who possess advanced and unique capabilities. Their presence improves our programs and inspires their peers. We know when we offer these students competitive talent-based scholarships, they will bring their light to ESU and, together, we will shine brighter.

For Hornet Athletics to be successful year in and year out, we must recruit and retain talented student-athletes who fit our culture. For our student-athletes, athletics builds character and valuable life skills. For our campus and community, athletics increases pride, brings people together and moves us forward.

Likewise, the creative power of the arts is front and center at ESU and in the community. Here, students prepare for rewarding careers as visual artists, theatre professionals, musicians, composers and more. Emporia State seeks to elevate its profile as a university that values and celebrates the arts.

We will, with your support, shine a brighter spotlight on Emporia State’s “front porch” programs, raising the bar athletically and artistically enhancing the culture and quality of life in our community.

Initiative seeking support

Talent Awards – Attract and recruit the best and brightest who strengthen the arts and athletics programs at Emporia State.

Athletics, Music, Theatre, Fine Arts bring communities together and speak to the human spirit.