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Serbia — Day 8 — Saturday

Hi Folks:

We're just back from a very lovely dinner at the Writer's Club Restaurant, another restaurant specializing in Serbian cuisine, where the students were kind enough to treat me to dinner. We had a very pleasant evening dining outside in a lovely peaceful corner of the city, but only a stone's throw from Republic Square, where sometime between this morning and this evening, a boxing ring was set up and a competition was in full swing both as we passed on our way to the restaurant and on our way back, complete with lights and musical soundtrack!

Today was the students' last day in Belgrade and after a slightly slow start - as we were all fairly tired after the past five days of travel and visits - they managed to fit in a great number of activities, such as visiting the zoo, attending a concert at the National Library (which hosts free concerts every Saturday), visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art (newly refurbished), more shopping, a return visit to the American Corner, a trip to the Belgrade fortress, and I'm not sure what all else.

I think the students have learned a great deal, not only about libraries and archives, but also about themselves, about the United States, about news and fake news, about the importance of spending time together and talking, and a host of other things. I am confident they are now as fond of Belgrade and Serbia as I am, and I hope you all may have the opportunity to return here one day with them. 

Most folk are off on the early morning flights tomorrow, so taxis arrive at 4.30 a.m. with only three folk staying an extra day until Monday. 

This is therefore the final report you will receive from me. Thanks for your interest in the trip and the support you have given the participants. I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing of all their adventures in the very near future.

Best wishes,

Andrew Smith