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TradPlus Student Campus Resources

We've assembled a variety of resources for you

There are many resources on campus to assist you with your personal, social and academic needs. Listed below are links to a variety of resources other TradPlus and veteran students have found helpful in navigating their college experience.

Career Services

Career Services provides a variety of resources to help TradPlus and veteran students be successful while in college and beyond graduation. The staff can help you with career counseling, part-time employment, internships, job search strategies, building a resume, and interview skills.

Veterans Education Resources

Veterans Educational Services provides tuition benefits assistance for students who are veterans, dependents of veterans and/or reservists.

Student Advising Center

The Student Advising Center can assist you with your transition to Emporia State, help you choose a major, assist you with course selection and degree requirements and more.

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center is comprised of Counseling Services and Health Services. Through Counseling Services, individual counseling can help you to clarify your concerns, gain insight into yourself and others and learn ways to most effectively cope with and/or resolve problems. Through Health Services, students paying campus privilege fees are eligible for basic health services located right here on campus.

Student Support Services (TRIO programs)

Student Support Services, a federally-funded program, provides advising, tutoring, mentoring, grant aid scholarships and more to eligible students. These services are provided to students who are first generation (neither parent has a bachelors degree), low income, have a documented physical or learning disability and/or meet other program eligibility criteria.

Academic Center for Excellence and Success (ACES)

ACES is your go-to resource for tutoring, college success skills workshops, college preparedness and student success coaching. The types of tutoring available range from one-on-one appointments to large group review sessions for introductory to advanced-level courses.  The workshops range in topics from “Time Management and the Balancing Act” to “Stress Management Techniques."  Students who want to refresh their math, reading and writing skills prior to entering into college-level English and math classes may utilize ACES’s ComFit Online Learning Center.  Student success coaching sessions are personalized to each students’ needs.

ESU Writing Center

The Writing Center promotes writing as a tool for teaching and learning in every discipline and assists writers in preparing for the practical, real-life applications of writing in the workplace as well as in the academic world.

Single Parents with Children Scholarship

The Single Parents with Children Scholarship was established to assist single, divorced or widowed Emporia State University students who are raising children and attending school simultaneously. Scholarships in variable amounts are awarded for the academic year, with half of the disbursement in the fall semester and the remainder in the spring semester. Applications are due in early March for scholarships, which will be awarded the following academic year.