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TradPlus Programming

TradPlus students bring a wealth of life experience and knowledge

While many think of students coming to college right out of high school, with no partner or dependents, we recognize that more and more students do not fit this profile. Many universities refer to these students as non-traditional. At Emporia State, we refer to these students as TradPlus, because we view this diversity as a plus — a positive! As a TradPlus student, you bring a wealth of life experience and knowledge to the university community.

While your journey to higher education may have been different than the high school-to-college path, you bring valuable perspectives and experiences that will enrich campus life inside and outside of the classroom.

Who Are TradPlus Students?

There are several criteria one might use to identify themselves as a TradPlus student. Below are the general criteria we use to define TradPlus, but we are here to serve the needs of all students who identify as such.

  • Over the age of 24 as an entering student
  • Married
  • Parent
  • Have been out of school for one or more years
  • In the military or a veteran of the armed services

TradPlus Student Services

We know you may face different challenges as a TradPlus student. That is why we have TradPlus & Veteran Student Services embedded across departments of the University. We want you to know that you are not alone in your journey at Emporia State.

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Campus Resources

TradPlus Orientation

We put together an orientation just for you.