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Fraternity and Sorority Life Programs

Providing educational and personal development opportunities

Fraternity and Sorority Life Programs

The mission of Emporia State University Fraternity and Sorority Life community is to provide educational and personal development opportunities which help members create lifelong connections and transferable experiences that will serve them in their future endeavors.

To complete this mission, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) supports several programs throughout the school year to give members the opportunity to grow in leadership, scholarship, citizenship, stewardship, and friendship.


New Member Day

New Member Day was established to give new members the opportunity to come together and learn about opportunities to lead and learn in the community. There are four learning outcomes for the program:

Participants will gain insightful and real knowledge from their peers on how to be a member of the fraternity and sorority community at Emporia State University.

Participants will meet and gain experience working with members of other chapters, while building friendships.

Participants will be introduced to expectations of the FSL community and support services to help them be successful.

Participants will experience a fun, once-in-a-lifetime program.

Chapter Leadership Academy

Chapter Leadership Academy provides tools and resources to chapter executive boards that will aid them in meeting their goals. This program is designed to be a learning environment for all leaders and a space where chapter representatives can meet and collaborate. There are three learning outcomes for this program:

The participants of Chapter Leadership Academy will gain experience working with the Kansas Leadership Competencies and Principles through lecture, interactive activities and practical application.

The participants of Chapter Leadership Academy will meet other officers from each chapter on campus and will actively participate in relationship building activities.

The participants of Chapter Leadership Academy will be able to identify at least one adaptive challenge their chapter is facing and brainstorm ways to implement adaptive solutions.

FSL Executive Retreat

The Fraternity and Sorority Life Leadership Retreat connects leaders from the outgoing and incoming executive boards. This program also provides a transition time for leaders to discuss strengths and weaknesses in the community, share past experiences and strategize for the upcoming term. The incoming officers will also be introduced to the Kansas Leadership Center’s principles.

Emerging Leader Institute (ELI)

Emerging Leader Institute is a six session introduction to leadership for freshman and sophomore members looking to take on leadership positions in their chapter and the FSL community. ELI is facilitated by junior and senior chapter and community leaders that have held leadership roles in the past. The purpose is to create an opportunity for experienced student leaders to pass on their knowledge and encouragement. There are three learning outcomes for this program:

The participants of Emerging Leaders will be able to describe in detail what type of leader they hope to become using their Strengths Finder Top 5, the five leadership practices and the Kansas Leadership Competencies.

The participants of Emerging Leaders will be able to identify possible challenges to leadership and brainstorm possible solutions.

The participants of Emerging Leaders will be equipped to work with other student leaders in teams.

Involvement Opportunities


Order of Omega is a national Greek-letter leadership honor society recognizing the top fraternity and sorority members who have made major contributions to the betterment of the ESU Greek community, the ESU campus, and the Emporia community through academic success, and leadership. Membership is reserved for 3% of the Greek community (or 15 members if community is less than 500).


The Greek Week committee is made up of dedicated members looking for experience in programming and event planning. The committee plans 5 events, including Greek Olympics, Greek Banquet, and a Greek God and Goddess competition. To get involved, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life co-advises the G.A.M.M.A. organization with the Counseling and Wellness Center at Emporia State University. Through our educational and social programming and awareness initiatives, we hope to empower Emporia State students to make informed decisions regarding drugs, alcohol, sex, and other decisions that college students face today. GAMMA membership is to open to any Emporia State student involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life, and we would like to invite you to join us in promoting safe and responsible actions of our peers.


The Emporia State fraternity and sorority life community is a high-achieving group of students. The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life recognizes chapter once a year at the annual Greek Banquet with awards in each community core value (leadership, scholarship, citizenship, stewardship and friendship) as well as individual leaders. We appreciate all our members and their dedication to personal and chapter development. See our Standards of Fraternal Excellence and Individual awards packet in the documents section of our Hornet Central page for more insight on how we celebrate member and chapter development.

Learn more about the FSL Chapter Value Awards.pdf

Learn more about the FSL Individual Awards.pdf

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