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ESU is Attacking the Cost of Higher Education Through New Scholarships

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Emporia State is building a brighter future for students with the unveiling of unprecedented new scholarship offerings. This marks the second phase of our commitment to reduce costs for students and their families.

At Emporia State, undergraduate students can earn multiple scholarships to help offset their costs. These newly introduced scholarships, paired with ESU’s affordable flat-rate tuition and in-state tuition rates for residents of the lower 48, are instrumental in making Emporia State an exceptional value in higher education. After financial aid, ESU is significantly less than the cost to attend many larger universities. These additional scholarships create even more savings.

Today’s students face the challenge of carrying a larger share of their educational expenses than previous generations.

“At ESU we are clear that our commitment is to students-students-students. The cost of education has substantially outpaced that of other goods and services. We don’t think it’s right that our students and their families should shoulder this burden alone, so we are doing something about it,” said ESU President Ken Hush. “At Emporia State, our strategy to ensure students have full access to higher education at a more affordable cost. The purpose of these scholarships is to put money back in the pockets of our students and their families.”

The incoming class for fall 2024 is receiving their first scholarship offers in the mail in the coming days. Additional federal financial aid will be awarded in the coming weeks.

More information:

Scholarships remain available, including five drawings in the Office of Admissions. All students who apply to Emporia State by April 30 are entered to win one of five $1,000 scholarships. Winners will be drawn each week.

ESU has no application fee. More information at

Students who have been admitted to Emporia State should sign up for a Hornet Connection date to enroll for summer or fall 2024. All students who register for any Hornet Connection date by May 1 will be entered into a drawing for one scholarship of $5,000. Register to enroll at