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New Fundraising Campaign to Support Student Advancement

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Today, Emporia State University is pleased to announce the leadership phase of an exciting new fundraising campaign: Together, Forward.

Focused on student advancement, the $50 million campaign has three main priorities that will further expand high-impact practices for students. These priorities will take existing practices and programs to new heights, granting more students the opportunity to start their career as a valued contributor from day one.

Priority One is to provide real-world experiences that prepare students for a complex world. Emporia State believes the greatest teacher of all is experience. When students have the opportunity to engage in high-impact learning, they gain more than just a technical understanding of the information. They learn how to operate under pressure and how to navigate failures. And when they leave Emporia State and begin careers, graduates are more than just ready to get started; they bring enhanced value to any organization on day one.

Priority Two is to attract the best and brightest in the Arts and Athletics to Emporia State University. While some students come to college to discover and develop their talents, some have already dedicated years to their sport, their art or their craft before they ever set foot on campus. By providing competitive scholarship resources, Emporia State can recruit students who possess advanced and unique capabilities. Recruiting gifted athletes, musicians, artists and actors improves our programs and inspires their peers.

Priority Three aims to seize every opportunity. Unrestricted support is a priority investment in Emporia State University. It allows the university to function more like a private sector business, responding to opportunities and allocating resources in real time. With support from the Together, Forward Fund, leadership can seize opportunities for students to practice skills, exhibit knowledge, stretch understanding and grow capabilities.

“This campaign is an exciting opportunity to continue building on our strong foundation of supporting student success. We want to help every student aim higher, do more and become part of the great legacy of Emporia State Hornets. As we look together, forward to the future, we are looking toward greatness,” said ESU President Allison D. Garrett.

Emporia State University has raised $42 million of the $50 million by the October 2021 Homecoming season goal. This ambitious mission seeks to keep Emporia State a relevant player in the world of higher education and make opportunities for students available and accessible to all.

To learn more about the Together, Forward campaign or to make a gift, visit