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Memorial Union Technology Support

We can provide all your technology needs

Memorial Union Technology Support

The Memorial Union provides three levels of technical support for all rehearsals and events in the building: setup, advanced support and conference support. Charges will be calculated after the event concludes based on the actual level of support provided. Recognized Student Organizations will not be charged for setup, and will be charged the set up rate for advanced support.


A technician will prepare Memorial Union technology for an event. Setup support does not include any on-site technical support during the event, unless the Memorial Union’s equipment malfunctions. Examples of setup support include providing a laptop, microphone, and/or TV display, providing equipment to connect the organization’s technology to our systems, and connecting a webinar or video conference.

Price: $10

Advanced Support

A technician will setup Memorial Union technology and provide on-site advanced technical support during the event for high-technical audio/visual needs. There is a one hour minimum and additional technical support time will be billed in one hour increments rounded to the nearest whole hour. Examples of advanced support include live streaming an event, live performances, multiple devices projecting on separate screens, outdoor projection, multiple sound, light, and/or video cues, use of the concert sound system, and high-profile events as determined by Memorial Union personnel.

Price: $25/hour

Conference Support

This support is recommended for large conferences using multiple rooms. During normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), on-call conference support is provided at no additional cost above the setup cost. Outside of normal business hours, on-call conference support will be charged at a rate of $20 per hour.