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Navigating the Stress of Election Season

A message to Hornet Nation from ESU President Allison D. Garrett

October 30, 2020

Dear Hornets,

As we move through the final days before the 2020 general election on Tuesday, many of you, like me, may feel inundated with political advertisements. No matter which candidates you support at the federal, state and local levels, the 2020 election seems to engender more divisiveness than I can recall in past elections. We cannot seem to escape it.

As we navigate these next days, weeks and months, let us all remember that respect is one of our values at Emporia State University. We cannot know the full spectrum of views within Hornet Nation. We can, however, lean in and listen to each other and engage in civil discourse around the principles we hold dear.

Several students, faculty and staff have shared resources that might be helpful during this season. More detail for these resources is found online.

Counseling or just talking:

  • Students may find it especially helpful to contact faculty or staff members who have supported, mentored or guided them before — an academic advisor, coach, complex coordinator, professor or RSO advisor. Students also can use the ESU Counseling Center, which is adding services for the next few weeks.
  • Faculty and staff can find support through the state’s Employee Assistance Program.

Managing our virtual world: Our online messages can reach those for whom they are not intended. Dr. Jasmine Linabary has provided tips and resources related to protecting yourself from online harassment and abuse.

Civil conversations: Amaya Oshel, Associated Student Government vice president, has shared information to facilitate a civil conversation, with tips to consider before having difficult discussions.

Free expression activities: Emporia State University values free speech and recognizes the rights of students, faculty and staff to organize events. ESU does, however, have policies for these gatherings designed to keep our campus community safe and secure.

No matter the outcome of these elections, my hope is that each of us supports one another and, if needed, reaches out to those who can help.

With Hornet Pride,

Allison D. Garrett