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Pre-Professional Programs at Emporia State University


Pre-Art Therapy

Pre Professional Program

The Pre-Art Therapy Preparation curriculum track includes a second area of study in psychology. This course of study has been designed to prepare students for admittance to masters graduate programs in Art Therapy.

Pre-Athletic Training

Bachelor‎ of Science

Students in the Pre-Professional Athletic Training track of the Health & Human Performance program will learn valuable hands-on skills and patient care to better prepare them for the professional competencies required as an athletic training student in ESU's MSAT Program.

Pre-Chiropractic Medicine

Pre Professional Program

A Dual Degree Program has been articulated between Emporia State University and Cleveland Chiropractic College, whereby a student takes prescribed courses at ESU, then takes courses for three years at Cleveland. Certain courses are transferred back to ESU, enabling the student to earn a BA degree in Chemistry from ESU and a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree from Cleveland Chiropractic.


Pre Professional Program

ESU offers a variety of programs that prepare students for dental school. The specific curriculum will be dependent upon the schools of dentistry to which the students may wish to apply.


Pre Professional Program

Emporia State is the only institution in Kansas that offers senior pre-law students the opportunity to take a special orientation course on what to expect in law school. Emporia State pre-law graduates have been accepted at outstanding law schools throughout the country and are now practicing in a variety of fields as lawyers and judges.


Pre Professional Program

Pre-medical students are advised to select a major that best matches their interests and fulfills the entrance requirements for medical school. In addition to a strong GPA in the program of study, students must score well on the nationally administered Medical College Admissions Test.

Pre-Medical Technology

Pre Professional Program

Students interested in careers in medical technology or clinical laboratory science are advised to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Microbial and Cellular Biology or Healthcare. After completing the requirements for this degree the student must apply for admission to an AMA accredited School for clinical training.

Pre-Occupational Therapy

Pre Professional Program

The Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Human Performance is a degree that can equip students with the skills to thrive in many different graduate level professional allied health programs, including occupational therapy.


Pre Professional Program

This program prepares students for optometry school. All students must contact the optometry school of their choice before applying to have the latest prerequisites. Most optometry schools recommend a major in one of the sciences. A major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology or a major in Biology with a concentration in Healthcare are recommended.

Pre-Pharmacy Program

Pre Professional Program

Under this program, students will receive a BA in Chemistry from Emporia State University and a PharmD from an accredited pharmacy school. The program consists of up to 101 credit hours at ESU pending requirements met by substitutions or demonstrated proficiencies.

Pre-Physical Therapy (Biology)

Pre Professional Program

The physical therapy professional (clinical) training programs at KUMC and WSU are both Doctor of Physical Therapy degree programs. A student must have a bachelor’s degree for admission. Therefore, a student interested in applying to these programs should pursue requirements for a degree at ESU as well as pre-physical therapy course requirements. Students are encouraged to choose a major in Biology with a concentration in Healthcare. The courses are required for admission to professional physical therapy programs at the University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) and Wichita State University (WSU).

Pre-Physical Therapy (Health & Human Performance)

Pre Professional Program

Interested in a physical therapy professional (clinical) training program? You must have a bachelor's degree for admission to such a program and Emporia State's Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Human Performance is a degree that can equip you with the skills to thrive in a professional allied health program such as Physical Therapy.


Pre Professional Program

This pre-professional program prepares students for application to veterinary school.