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Community Hornets EAT Initiative

Combating food insecurity

Emporia at the Table (EAT)

Emporia At the Table: Ending Hunger in our Community, or the EAT Initiative, is a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to combat food insecurity at Emporia State University and in the greater Emporia community. Food insecurity generally refers to a lack of consistent access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. Food insecurity is not just a technical problem, but rather is an adaptive challenge – a difficult issue with no one simple or easy solution. As such, it represents an opportunity to cultivate and enhance students’ adaptive leadership skills, a key component of ESU’s mission, while also making an impact for the common good. This initiative was founded in fall 2019, supported by a high-impact learning grant from ESU.

EAT Initiative Website

To learn more about the EAT Initiative, visit their website by following this link.