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Hornet Ready Emergency Resources

Be prepared for emergencies

Information on reporting emergencies

Emergency Resources

How to report an emergency:

Call 911.
Give the following information, as calmly and precisely as possible.

  • The nature and location of the emergency.
  • Your full name and the telephone number from which you are calling.
  • Your location- the address or building, the room number or floor, area or department.
  • What you know of the number of injured people and their injuries.

Do not hang up until the person answering the call ends the conversation. Responders may need more information. If it is safe, designate someone to meet emergency personnel at the approach to the building.

Do your best to stay calm, assess the situation, and protect yourself.

  • If possible, locate at least two emergency exits in your area.
  • If it’s dark and you have a flashlight, keep it handy.
  • Use the telephone only for emergency purposes.

Get to a safe place.

  • Leave the building immediately if you hear an alarm, if requested by authorities, or if the building seems unsafe.
  • Do not enter an elevator in emergencies or attempt to force open elevator doors.
  • Warn others around you and help them, but only insofar as your skills allow.
  • Do not expose yourself or others to risk in trying to save personal or University property.
  • As you move, beware of things that could be damaged, unstable structures or loose debris, exposed wires, chemical vapors or spills, smoke, and other such hazards.

Emergency Planning for: