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ADAP Consumer Information

Helpful information for consumers of the program

ADAP Consumer Information

Resources Available to Students



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Emporia State University Policies and Procedures

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled Substance Policies

Student Code of Conduct.pdf

Residence Hall Policies.pdf

Student Financial Aid

10-11 Drug Worksheet 6-5.pdf

Student Athlete Information

Health Risks

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program Health Risk

Higher Education Act

Under the Higher Education Act, a student may become ineligible for federal student aid upon conviction of any offense involving the possession or sale of illegal drugs while receiving Title IV federal financial aid. Federal aid includes Federal Stafford Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, Federal Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal ACG Grants, Federal SMART Grants, Federal TEACH Grants, Federal Work Study, and Perkins Loans.

Return of Title IV Aid

Higher Education Opportunity Act (H.R. 4137)

Consumer Information Handbook.pdf

Biennial Review

Emporia State University will conduct a biennial review of its alcohol and drug prevention programs to assess effectiveness. In addition, all required statistical data as well as sanction type will be reported as part of the review.