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Associated Student Government Services

ASG sponsors several student services at ESU

Free Legal Counseling for Students

A service provided by ASG, students are able to contact Ted Hollembeak, local attorney, to set up a phone consultation in relation to legal matters such as reviewing of lease or rental property, court processes, or other matters involving legal processes. Students can also visit in person every Tuesday, when the University is open, from 1-3 p.m. in Union Services in the Memorial Union.

Calendar for Ted Hollembeak

  • March 21, 28
  • April 4, 11, 18
  • May 2, 30
  • June 6, 13, 27


ASG offers resources and incentives for being a Recognized Student Organization. From funding to your own webpage on Hornet Central, ASG is here to support your RSO! Find out about starting an RSO or receiving funding and resources by exploring Hornet Central!


Can the Bods is an annual food drive competition between Emporia State University and Washburn University. All food and monetary gifts support Corky’s Cupboard, ESU’s on campus food pantry. Help us fight food insecurity by donating all year round!

ESU Serves

ESU Serves is an event organized by ASG and Community Hornets that allows students to experience volunteering and networking with various businesses and organizations around Lyon County. This is a great one-day event to gain service hours and meet new people!

Emergency Housing, Food + Basic Needs Assistance

Going hungry doesn’t have to be your normal. Neither does worrying about where you’ll sleep tonight or if you can afford to pay your bills. ESU is here to help every Hornet be safer, healthier and more successful. So whether you need help locating affordable housing, want to find financial resources or need some pantry staples to get you to your next meal, Emporia State is here for you. Visit the Basic Needs Coalition page to learn more.

All Things RSO

All Things RSO is a program held once a semester that representatives of RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) are required to attend. The session provides information on everything RSOs need to know from allocations to Hornet Central.

Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) was created by the Board of Regents in 1989 to provide funding for student financial aid and community/campus service programs during each academic year. The EOF committee receives proposals, conducts hearings, and prepares a budget for expenditures from the fund. The value of the grant varies based on the area of request. Contact ASG President at for more information.


ASG believes access to safe hygienic menstrual products is a right, not a privilege. Therefore, ASG provides free menstrual products in most campus restrooms. Interested in adding services in your building? Email for more information.


Launched in 2022, ASG hosts the Breaking Barriers Conference each year. A women in leadership conference, this event brings together women who have broken barriers by becoming leaders in a world where men are deemed more fit to lead. More information to come for 2023! Contact ASG President at for additional information. Check out our conference website and register today for the 2023 Breaking Barriers Conference on March 4th, 2023!


The Student Success Guide is a guide created by ASG to support our freshman and transfer students as they transition into college. The guide outlines ten ways to ensure success while at ESU. It also provides tips and resources to support students as they progress through their college journey. Professors can add the success guide in their course syllabus or on their Canvas courses. Email ASG Vice President at for more information and/or copies of printed materials.


The #WeStingGreen Campaign was started by a group of Honors College students in the fall of 2021. Students wished to position ESU as a model university for environmental sustainability which launched the campaign. Currently, ASG is exploring eco-friendly practices to implement at ESU and working with various stakeholders to launch an ESU Recycling Program.