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Associated Student Government Branches

Learn more about the Branches of the Student Government

Executive Branch

Student Body President

Sophia Dawson,

The Student Body President serves as the Chief Executive of the Associated Students of Emporia State University. The main goal of the President is to represent the concerns of the Associated Students to the Senate, the university administration, and the Kansas Board of Regents. The Student Body President is elected by the student body of Emporia State University and serves a one-year term.

Student Body Vice President

Camila Viorel,

The Student Body Vice President works alongside the Student Body President and serves as the President of the Student Senate. The Vice President serves as the official representative of the student body in the absence of the Student Body President. The Vice President is elected with the President and also serves a one-year term.


Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff serves as the administrative assistant to Associated Student Government. Chief of Staff takes roll and minutes at all Student Senate meetings and publishes minutes for the Student Body. They also are responsible for sending out legislation and meeting agendas for all Senate meetings. They coordinate Senator office hours and update ASG social media regularly as well. Chief of Staff serves as a non-voting member of Cabinet and helps direct questions to appropriate members of ASG.

Legislative Director

The Legislative Director serves as the political liaison between local and state legislation and Associated Student Government. The Legislative Director works with other state universities to plan Higher Education Day. They also organize a fall voter registration event on campus for students. The Legislative Director is also responsible for preparing legislation for all Senate meetings. At the end of each academic year, they are also responsible for compiling all bills and resolutions to publish the end of the year Legislative Summary.

Business Affairs Director

The Business Affairs Director serves as the treasurer for Associated Student Government. They work with Recognized Student Organizations in the planning and policies regarding allocations, manage the monetary funds available to ASG, and prepare regular reports of organizations to ASG. The Business Affairs Director also serves as an ex-officio member of the ASG Fiscal Affairs Committee and serves as a student representative on the Tuition and Fees Advisory Committee.

Election Commissioner

The Election Commissioner oversees the elections of President, Vice President, and Senatorial candidates. They are in charge of distributing election regulations to candidates; making sure candidates uphold these regulations; administering fines when/if regulations are violated; helping to publicize elections and candidate forums; coordinating polling locations and times during elections; encouraging all students to vote during the week of elections; and certifying the results once the election has concluded.


Elections occur every spring semester in which the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, and 24 Senators are elected to represent their respective colleges. If you are interested in running for a vacant position during the year, email