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ADAP Services

The Alcohol + Drug Abuse Prevention Program offers several services

ADAP Program Services

The Alcohol + Drug Abuse Prevention Program offers the following services

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Education

● Substance Abuse Evaluation/Counseling

● Awareness - Raising activities promoting student involvement

● Online Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education and Intervention *meets program requirements for violating Emporia State University Alcohol Policy

● Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS) *meets requirements mandated by the court for Minor in Possession (MIP), Minor in Consumption (MIC), diversion, misdemeanor possession of a drug or drug paraphernalia

● Our program's ADIS curriculum combines Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) and Motivational Interviewing in individual counseling sessions.

According to College AIM, Alcohol Intervention Matrix (,

Individual-level strategies aim to produce changes in attitudes or behaviors related to alcohol use rather than the environments in which alcohol use occurs. Expected outcomes, in general, are that a strategy may decrease an individual’s alcohol use (e.g., frequency, quantity, or blood alcohol concentration) and/or alcohol-related risk-taking behaviors, thereby reducing harmful consequence.

● A highly effective strategy used with college students is combining:

● Skills training, alcohol focus: Goal/Intention Setting

● Skills training, alcohol plus general life skills: Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

● Brief motivational intervention (BMI): In-person—Individual (e.g., BASICS)

● Personalized feedback intervention (PFI): such as eCheckup to Go