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Honors College What We Do

We focus on leadership, community engagement and enhanced curriculum


Our Honors College students strive to be recognized as a significant catalyst for improvement of communities in Kansas and beyond. You will be given multiple opportunities to use your knowledge and skills to provide service to others through group and individual service projects.


The Honors College sponsors and supports a variety of domestic and international service-learning activities.


Connecting with people and developing strong relationships with them is what the Honors College is all about. You will be provided many opportunities to work with fellow students, faculty and staff, as well as people from all over the world on projects of shared interest. Becoming an agent of change for the common good is the mission of the Honors College.


A unique curriculum has been designed that further distinguishes your education in the Honors College. Traditional honors courses lay a foundation for the curriculum, while honors contract courses expand and enhance offerings which allow you flexibility in customizing your educational choices. Through an agreement with professors, Honors College students can transform traditional courses into honors contract courses. The combination of traditional honors courses and honors contract courses will provide you with an enriched and broadened educational experience.

Travel Abroad

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Faculty and community mentors will work one-on-one with you to explore new ideas, develop new skills, and tackle leadership challenges. Mentored experiences provide the support and guidance necessary for you to achieve your leadership and educational goals and reach your potential. Once you establish and meet with your "mentor" you will need to decide on a project. Then, submit the application form for approval to the Dean of the Honors College.


As an Honors College student, you will have access to the Honors College Engagement Center, a technologically enhanced space.


Honors College students who are actively engaged in the Honors College are eligible for annual renewable scholarships. To qualify, an annual scholarship renewal application must be submitted to the Honors College on or before April 15 of each year. Scholarship amounts are based on available funding. The 2024-2025 scholarship amount is $1000. These scholarships are a testament to Emporia State’s commitment to supporting Honors College students who maintain high academic, leadership, and service standards.

New Members

Scholarships are awarded for new Honors College members entering in August. Applications for fall Honors College membership must be received by the spring deadline to be eligible for a new member scholarship. After your first year as an Honors College member, you will need to complete the scholarship form each spring to qualify for the scholarship the following academic year. Scholarship awards are based upon member activity and GPA, and the amounts are based on available funding.