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TRIO Upward Bound

The Upward Bound program can help you achieve your dream of going to college

Upward Bound

This Upward Bound project serves 60 Emporia High School and Northern Heights High School students in grades 9th-12th.

During the academic year, Upward Bound offers

  • Academic advising and assistance in course planning and selection
  • College campus visits
  • Career exploration and planning experiences
  • Assistance with preparing for college entrance exams (ACT) and fee waivers for exams
  • Budget and resume assistance
  • Assistance with identifying federal financial aid options and applying for financial aid and scholarships
  • Assistance with completing college admissions applications
  • Weekly after-school tutoring in all academic subjects by trained college student tutors
  • Monthly stipends for participation in Upward Bound activities

Who is eligible

  • Participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents
  • Two-thirds of participants must be potential first-generation college students (neither parent graduated from a four-year college) and meet federal low-income guidelines

Summer Programming

  • 6 week Summer Institute to prepare students for success in upcoming classes
  • College campus visits
  • Cultural trips
  • Recreational and service learning opportunities
  • Opportunity to live in residence halls
  • Opportunity to take college classes between senior year in high school and freshman year in college
  • Stipends
TRIO Students Posing on Staircase

Join Upward Bound

We can be reached at (620) 341-6230 or by fax 620-341-5887 or talk to your school guidance counselor.

Kansas Public Universities Information

Kansas Board of Regents Information for Students

Qualified Admissions Criteria

Upward Bound Staff

Meet our staff.


Upward Bound is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Applicants will be selected for program participation in compliance with the provisions of section 427 of the U.S. Department of Education’s General Education Provisions Act (GEPA). Accordingly, access and participation will not be denied to applicants based on gender, race, national origin, color, disability or age.