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Proven tips to beat procrastination

Do you procrastinate?

1️⃣ Pick your poison

  • The key to beating procrastination is FOCUS.
  • Don’t give yourself too many things to do and become overwhelmed.
  • Start by choosing just ONE thing that you’ve been procrastinating and make a commitment to complete that task in the next week.

📆 Start Today

  • Once you’ve narrowed it down to one task, take immediate action.
  • If it feels too daunting or you don’t think you have enough time to complete the task, do the Five-Minute Miracle.

⏰ Five Minute Miracle

  • This is one of the best techniques for people who struggle with procrastination.
  • Once you start something, you are much more likely to finish it.
  • Unfinished tasks are more likely to get stuck in your memory. (This is also why our minds gets stuck in a loop thinking about all the things we haven’t yet completed).
  • Remember: Small Action is still Action. Five minutes can make all the difference.

💥 Power Hour

  • A Power Hour consists of putting away all distractions and working in concentrated chunks of time. (Start with twenty-minute intervals) followed by short periods of rest.

🎶 Have a Procrastination Power Song

  • Pick a song that really gets you energized, and play it whenever you want to tackle something you’ve been procrastinating.
  • The brain likes to have a trigger to create a new habit.

🚘 Get Under the Hood

  • WHY have you been procrastinating a specific task?
  • Are you afraid of something?
  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed and don’t’ know where to start.
  • Complete this sentence: “I’m avoiding this task because….” or try “I’m avoiding this task because I’m afraid that …..” and see what shows up.

✅ Let It Go

  • Most people put way too much on their To Do list.
  • What can you take off your list?
  • Give yourself permission to let some things go.

💵 Make a Bet

  • It can be very helpful to have an accountability buddy.
  • One fun way to take this a step further is to have a bet with your buddy.
  • Choose a day and time within the next week that you will complete this task and then tell your buddy:
  • “I’ll buy you a coffee / watch an awful movie you’ve been wanting to see, make your lunch,” etc. if you haven’t completed the task by the said day/time.

🎉 Make it Fun

  • Another way to motivate yourself to complete a task is to create a reward that you will give yourself once it’s been completed.
  • What can you treat yourself to once you’ve finished this task?