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Academic Affairs Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic dishonesty is taken seriously at Emporia State University

Academic dishonesty, a basis for disciplinary action, includes but is not limited to, activities such as cheating and plagiarism (presenting as one's own the intellectual or creative accomplishments of another without giving credit to the source or sources). The faculty member in whose course or under whose tutelage an act of academic dishonesty occurs has the option of failing the student for the academic hours in question. The division chair should be advised of any action taken by the faculty member regarding academic dishonesty. The faculty member may consent to refer the case to other academic personnel for further action. Divisions, schools, and colleges may have provisions for more severe penalties than are set forth above. Emporia State University may impose penalties for academic dishonesty up to and including expulsion from the university. The student has the right to appeal the charge of academic dishonesty in accordance with the university's Academic Appeals policy and procedure as set forth in section 9A-04 of the Faculty Handbook.

FSB 95002; Passed by Faculty Senate 1/16/96

Approved by President Glennen 1/31/96

Effective Fall Semester 1996