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Employee Benefits HealthQuest Wellness Program

HealthQuest Wellness Program

From Attitude to Action: The HealthQuest wellness program is a benefit with voluntary participation which is designed to help our employees actively manage their health, and reduce their healthcare expenses. This is accomplished through various strategies:

1) Participants complete a health assessment questionnaire. Based on their responses, they receive a personalized analysis of their health specifying areas where they are already healthy, and also opportunities to improve their health. For more information about the health assessment, visit the HealthQuest page.

2) In addition to the health assessment questionnaire, participants can schedule an on-site biometric screening, complete an at-home screening kit, or submit test results from a physician visit. For healthy levels on factors like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol, participants automatically earn credits toward incentives (see #5 below). Participants who have numbers outside the healthy range can earn credits by completing workshops to help them control or manage that specific factor. For more information on these screenings, visit the HealthQuest screening page.

3) The program provides resources related to chronic and/or common health issues. These resources help participants prevent or manage health conditions by providing ideas for simple behavioral changes. In some cases, a health coach is also available to provide additional information, and help participants stay on track with their health goals. For more information on health coaches, visit the HealthQuest coaching page.

4) Wellness challenges are a great option for participants at every level of ability. Challenges are either fitness (ex: walk a certain number of steps each week) or nutrition based (ex: drink 64 ounces of water each day), and encourage participants to make a conscious efforts to engage in healthy activities. The focus of these challenges is on personal improvement, so there is no need to be competitive to complete a challenge (For competitive participants: a leader-board is available for some challenges). For more information about the wellness challenges, visit the HealthQuest challenges page.

5) Incentives and discounts do not directly affect participant health, but they do help lower the cost! Employees earn points for completing any of the strategies listed above, as well as attending regular preventative check-ups (ex: annual physical, eye exam, dental exams) which are already covered by the health plan. By earning points, employees can receive up to a total of $480 off of their insurance premiums. Employees who elected Plan C health coverage can also earn up to $1,000 of additional employer contributions into their HSA. For more information on the incentives and discounts, visit the HealthQuest rewards section of our medical benefits page.