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Design + Publications

Design is a critical part of any marketing piece and we are here to help!

Ryan O'Meara, Art Director
Kelsey Quintana, Graphic Designer

Emporia State University Design + Publications

Design is a critical step when creating any marketing piece from large-scale print projects to individual online graphics. Emporia State University has two talented professional, career graphic designers on staff that are ready to work with you to help you determine design solutions that will best meet your needs.

When to engage Marketing + Communication

Any time you are creating a piece for external-to-ESU audiences. Our team is accountable and responsible for ensuring all external materials representing ESU are of high quality and on-brand.

As a full-service shop, we are here to help you through every step of the process including thinking through design concepts, messaging support and coordinating photos.

We’re happy to provide design support for

  • Print needs – brochures, fliers, posters, academic pieces and more!
  • Digital graphic needs – graphics for web pages, email images, social media graphics.
  • Advertising Needs - In the instance in which you need to submit an ad for any external publication, contact Marketing + Media Relations. When sending information over, be sure to include ad specs, sizes, and any other information you have.


The earlier you engage Marketing the better. Reach out early in your process to ensure you get maximum benefit of the services offered.

Marketing + Communication requires 10 days for design development and delivery. We always strive to deliver projects ahead of schedule, but as a result of serving the entire university, we have to allow for other projects in the queue.

Large projects require longer timelines. For large-scale pieces (magazines like The Spotlight and Student Experience) that require writing, photography, full design layout discussions should begin 6-12 months prior to your designed delivery date.

Design Process

To learn more about ESU's design process, download the document Design Process.pdf.

Download + Complete Your Request

Complete the Request for Print/Design form.pdf and email to Kate Kreiman ( AND Ryan O’Meara (

A few things to include on your request:

  • Is the design for print or digital purposes?
  • Quantity (if printing)
  • Your Audience
  • Final copy
  • Photos (as applicable)

Don’t forget the copy!

Writing is the foundation of any communication and drives messaging as well as design. Before design work can begin the messaging and copy for your piece must be finalized.

Don’t worry, we love words, and we love to find the right ones to convey your message. Whether it’s copy for departmental brochures, research magazines, parent newsletters or news releases, we are ready to write.

If you have your messaging ready, we edit and proofread it, too.

Additional Things to Consider

Print Timelines

  • 48 hours - While usually faster, allow up to an additional 48 hours for jobs completed by the University Copy Center.
  • Two+ weeks - Off-campus print vendors typically require two+ weeks with shipping to deliver projects.