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The possibilities for research as an undergraduate student are limitless

Change the world by what you research at ESU

ESU provides the unique opportunity to conduct research at every level of your educational experience

The possibilities for research as an undergraduate student are limitless. Students that take the initiative to explore and conduct research opportunities set themselves apart to future employers by demonstrating thought leadership in their career field.

Students work with a faculty mentor on their research which means you will gain advanced insights and opportunities.

There's no better way to learn than to DO!

Recent Hornet Research Projects

  • The Impact of Storage Conditions, Sample Volume, and Collection Technique on Blood Alcohol Concentration in Non-Decomposed Defibrinated Sheep’s Blood.
  • The Sanitization of History Concerning Representations of People of Color in Educational Textbooks about the Civil Rights Movement
  • Making It or Faking It – Your Mind Will Decide: An Investigation into the Relationships Between Imposter Phenomenon, Demographics, and Employee Well-being.
  • How Culture is Affecting International Business with China and the United States
  • Developing an Oral History Program in Special Collections and Archives
  • The Effect of Music Therapy on Geriatric Depression Scale Scores: A Pilot Study
  • Employee's Perceptions of Pets in the Workplace
  • The Effect of Cattle Grazing on Birds Nesting in Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands
  • Oppression in Science Fiction
  • The Implications of a Transformational Leadership Approach in the Nursing Profession
  • The Effect of Fancy Brand Names on Consumers' Decision-Making
  • Comparisons of Ankle Taping vs. Bracing
  • Hands on versus Lecture Learning and Undergraduates Test Scores
  • Girl Power: Cultivating Confidence, Self-Respect, and Assertiveness in Adolescent Girls

ESU Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Each year, students and faculty can compete for funding for summer undergraduate research projects. Grants of up to $6,500 pay for faculty summer salary ($3000), student scholarships ($2500) and a generous supply budget (up to $1000).

Summer research projects are often developed into papers and posters that are presented at external academic conferences across the Nation, adding yet another layer of skills desired by employers, graduate schools and professional programs.

The ESU Summer Undergraduate Research Program is supported and funded by Emporia State University.

Summer Research Application

To begin the competitive application process, you and your faculty mentor will submit a research proposal which will be evaluated by the selection committee.

To apply, download and submit all required documentation below to Jackie Lutz at

Cover page.pdf

Proposal form.pdf

Faculty statement.pdf

Student statement.pdf