Jim WilliamsEmporia State University is pleased to present the Annual Security Report (ASR). This report provides campus safety information including crime statistics and procedures to follow to report a crime. The ASR describes various programs the university offers pertaining to safety as well as containing statistics regarding crime on campus.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Each individual must do his/her part to adhere to the safety policies and procedures to ensure the campus security. You note from the statistics presented, Emporia State University is a safe campus due to the collaborative efforts and shared responsibility we all assume in our campus community.

Emporia State University is committed to maintaining an environment in which students, faculty, staff, and guests can work together free from all forms of harassment, exploitation and intimidation.

I hope you find the report helpful. If you have questions, or would like more information about safety and security at Emporia State University, please feel free to contact the Vice President for Student Affairs office at 620-341-5269.


Dr. James E. Williams
Vice President for Student Affairs