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Parents Supporting Your ESU Student

Resources to support your Student

Services + Amenities

ESU has a proven success formula. As a Hornet, your student will have access to resources that will help them before, during and after college. At ESU, we have what it takes to help your student get results as a student and a graduate.

Stinger Success Program

  • Dedicated Academic Advisor. The Student Advising Center (SAC) provides academic advising to all first-year and undeclared students., 620-341-5421
  • First-year Seminar. Your student will obtain tools to be successful and learn how to get the most from their college experience.
  • Academic Support Services and Tutoring. We have many resources, like the Academic Center for Excellence and Success (ACES), which provides tutoring, Academic and Personal Development Workshops, student success coaching and writing assistance, which is available through the Writing Center.
  • Student Accessibility and Support Services (SASS) ensures students with documented disabilities, who self-disclose, have full and equal access to the programs and services of ESU and are not discriminated against because of their disability., 620.341.6637

Student Wellness Health Services

The Health Services department of the Student Wellness Center provides your student with treatment for acute illness and injuries (flu, cold, sprain), physical exams, laboratory tests, sexual health exams, immunizations and more. Major insurance providers as well as the student health plan are accepted and students with insurance who pay on-campus activity fees will not pay more than $10 out of pocket per office visit., 620-341-5222

Student Wellness Counseling Services

The Counseling Services department of the Student Wellness Center is available to help your student with the emotional stressors that come with going to college and being a young adult. Students can schedule up to five counseling sessions per semester at no cost to them or utilize any number of the free resources provided online and throughout the year such as the biofeedback program, self help resources and the alcohol + drug abuse prevention program., , 620-341-5222

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

At ESU, we strive to provide the resources your student needs to be balanced and successful. Because wellness is so important, we value what we call the Seven Dimensions of Wellness: physical, emotional, occupational, intellectual, financial, spiritual and social wellness. Recognizing these principles allows us to develop informed programming for your student to help them lead a healthy life.

Diversity Student Programs

Diversity Student Programs builds an inclusive community for all students and provides safe spaces for cross cultural dialogue and engagement. Students are invited to participate in unique and powerful programs supporting diversity and social justice which actively work to challenge systems and structures that perpetuate inequities., 620-341-5481

Financial Aid

From grants and scholarships to loans and work study programs, the Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veteran’s Services department can help your student figure out what’s best for them when paying for college. There are a variety of resources for students online, or they can talk to staff about what resources are available to them.,, 620.341.5457

ESU Scholarship Library

Knowing where to find scholarships and how to apply can be tricky for your student. To help assist them in their search, students can browse our scholarship library for opportunities that match their qualifications. Additionally, your student can seek scholarships through their high school or community college, local clubs and organizations and through their academic department at ESU by talking to an advisor. Students can learn more at

Career Services

Career Services at ESU can help your student decide on a major, explore a career path, search for part-time and full-time jobs, apply to graduate school and more! Students can meet with a career counselor in person, complete online career testing or browse online resources., 620-341-5407

Residential Life

Residence halls are more than just a place for your student to lay their head down at night. Residents can be part of event planning committees to put on movie nights, letter writing events, video game tournaments and more. There are opportunities to connect with their floormates and others living in your student’s residential community., 620-341-5264

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students work on campus?

Yes! Students may search and apply for part-time jobs, including both on- and off-campus positions, by logging into their ESU Handshake account. Career Services manages Handshake and can answer questions about part-time employment. Career Services can be contacted at or 620-341-5407.

Why can't I see my student's grades + FERPA information?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. If a student gives proxy access, the university is given authority by the student to share certain information with the individual(s) that the student designated. Students complete the process through their student account. Students can also set up an "authorized user" account that gives access to billing. For information on these options, visit the Business Office's web page.

How can I mail a card or care package to my student in the Residence Halls?

Mailing addresses are located on each hall's page: Schallenkamp, Towers and Abigail Morse.