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Hornet Statehouse Buzz March 4, 2022

Week 8 of the statehouse buzz

Week Eight—February 28-March 4, 2022

This week I was a delivery boy, taking 25 handwritten invitations to legislators for a lunch on March 15th in honor of the 2020 and 2022 Kansas Master Teachers. That involved a lot of hiking around the statehouse (good for those with a Fitbit) and hobnobbing with the legislators, who appreciated the invitation. The event on March 15th will involve a photo op with Governor Kelly, recognition by the House and Senate chambers, with a resolution honoring the teachers, and a visit to the House and Senate education committees. Plus, a fabulous buffet lunch at the Celtic Fox. Well deserved thanks and praise for 14 master teachers from 2020 (their ceremony was cancelled) and this year. More on the Kansas Master teachers can be found here:

Kansas Master Teacher Awards - Emporia State University

The Senate Ways and Means committee reported out their higher ed budget on Wednesday and the only major change was from Senator Michael Fagg to take $19 million from the governor’s proposed Kansas Access scholarship program and add it to the $16 million in the Kansas comprehensive grant program and recreate that program as a one-to-one private sector match. Instead of the $25 million proposed by the governor for the new program, the change would create $35 million in money to the comprehensive grant program with the possibility of it being $70 million for Kansas scholarships. It would also alleviate the creation of another government program. Government money of any kind is not allowed to be matched. One other change; Senator Rick Billinger proposed a line item on money for demolition of university buildings separate from the $25 million proposed by the governor for deferred maintenance. He also proposed a long-term solution to the deferred maintenance issue on campus. Welcome news.

The higher ed budget committee also met to go over their recommendations before their submission Monday, March 7, to the House Appropriations committee (more on that in next week’s buzz).

The Buzz this Week

  • Yours truly will present testimony (answer questions) on HB 2600, ESU’s sale of the Earl Center on Tuesday, March 8th in the Higher Ed Budget Committee. When those pass out of committee, they will also be placed in one bill (there are five university land sale bills) and submitted to the full House.

As usual, if I may be of assistance, please contact me at

That’s the buzz this week!