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Kansas Master Teacher Awards

Kansas Master Teacher Awards

Since 1954, select teachers from schools across the state have nominated, selected, and named Kansas Master Teachers. Since 1980, Bank of America has pledged more than $100,000 to permanently endow the Kansas Master Teacher awards.

Learn more about the selection process, the Kansas Master Teacher Recognition Day, and previous winners.

Eligibility, Nomination, Selection

Who is eligible? How does the nomination process work? How are the Kansas Master Teachers selected? Find out about the Kansas Master Teacher eligibility, nomination, and selection processes.

2020 Kansas Master Teachers

The seven members of the 2020 class of Kansas Master Teachers were announced February 25, 2020.

Previous Winners

Since 1954, hundreds of Kansas educators have been recognized as Kansas Master Teacher. Do you have a relative, friend, or colleague that was named a Kansas Master Teacher? Look through our archives of previous winners to find out.

Publicizing the Award

The award selection committee sends information about the Kansas Master Teacher Award through e-mail and hard copy mailings generated from the Kansas State Department of Education website contact list, as well as through social media. To ensure information reaches you, please keep your directory information updated with KSDE. We suggest individuals in charge of the local selection process bookmark this Kansas Master Teacher web site. Thank you for assisting us with our efforts to keep you informed.