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Maintaining Financial Aid

How to remain eligible for Financial Aid

1. Apply

To remain eligible for Title IV aid, state aid, and scholarships you must re-apply each year for which you are seeking the financial aid. A good checklist to help you re-apply can be found by clicking on the link to the left, "How Do I Apply?"

2. Meet Requirements for Scholarship Renewal

For scholarship renewal requirements, visit the presidential scholarships page.

3. Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services to monitor the academic progress of students to determine their aid eligibility.  It is important that students become familiar with these requirements at each institution they may enroll in because while there are standards set by federal regulations, institutions may choose to enforce a same-as or stricter-than policy.

Emporia State University's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy may be found under the Publications heading of the Forms and Publications link.

If you have been suspended and need to appeal, a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form can be found under the Forms heading of the Forms and Publications link.

4. Satisfy Return to Title IV Obligations

If a student receives federal aid and does not complete any coursework (either the student totally withdrew or earned all failing grades), they are subject to Return to Title IV which is a federal regulation.  It is the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, & Veterans Services' responsibility to determine the amount of unearned aid that the student received to help pay for their semester charges that must be returned on the student's behalf.  The student then becomes a receivable to the university and the debt must be resolved with the Business Office before subsequent aid will be disbursed.

Also, if the Return to Title IV calculation determines that a portion of the aid the student receives is the student's responsibility to return, the student will be notified and will be given 45 days to return the funds.  If the funds are not returned within 45 days, the debt is reported to the Department of Education and the student will no longer be eligible for federal aid at any institution until the debt is resolved.