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Total Estimated Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Includes Reduced Tuition Programs and our Presidential, Transfer and Sunflower Scholarship Estimates.

Make your selections below to see the estimated cost of attendance for the 2019 - 2020 Academic School Year. Estimates are for full-time students taking at least 12 credit hours per Semester.

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Student Type
Tuition Factors
Your Residency

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Fixed Expenses
Books and Supplies
Travel and Incidentals

Estimated Cost: $10394

2019 - 2020 School Year

Tuition + Fees:
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Jones Tuition Voucher
- $0
Presidential Scholarship
- $0
Sunflower Scholarship
- $0
Transfer Scholarship
- $0
Books + Supplies:
Travel + Incidentals:
Estimated Cost:
$0 2019 - 2020 School Year

The estimate provided by the calculator does not represent a final determination of price. Cost of attendance and financial aid availability change from year to year.

The Cost Calculator cannot replace conversations with experts in the Office of Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Veteran's Services. These professionals can provide clarification and help users understand calculator results.