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Hornet Statehouse Buzz March 18, 2022

Week 10 of the statehouse buzz

Week Ten—March 14-18, 2022

A busy week in the Statehouse and out.

On Tuesday, the 2020 and 2022 Kansas Master Teachers were honored. We started the day with a with a photo with Governor Kelly; then the teachers took in the House Appropriations committee before being honored with a resolution on the House floor by Mark Schreiber (R-Emporia). Lunch at the Celtic Fox followed. Unfortunately, the House was in session through lunch so only a handful of legislators could make it across the street. Undeterred, we had meetings with both the House and Senate Education committees where the teachers were recognized and applauded. Always a nice thing. Finally, a recognition by the Senate and a resolution by Jeff Longbine ended a long and satisfying day. The teachers had a great time and were appreciative of the honors received. Thanks to Dean Joan Brewer as well who joined us only two days away from her daughter’s wedding!

On Wednesday and Thursday, the House Appropriations committee met to discuss the budget. Higher ed spending was on the docket, but they never got to it on either day until after 6:00 pm on Thursday. From what I understood Thursday morning, nothing was going to be cut from the higher ed budget on Thursday. Unfortunately, I had a commitment related to my other job—teaching—and so couldn’t attend and the streaming of the committee was not working so could not watch either. I am confident what we were told by a high placed source was accurate.

Next week, HB 2600—the sale of the Earl Center, now also involving properties at K-State, Pitt State and KU—will have a vote in the House. SB 450 related to the right of surplus property sales to remain in the agencies rather than go to KPERs was passed out of a House committee and should receive a vote in the House soon.

The Buzz this Week

  • Every week we must report our contacts with legislators to KBOR. This week was extraordinary for the buzz. As a KBOR legislative reception at the Topeka County Club was a fantastic opportunity to meet and speak with legislators, many of whom I have not yet met. There were at least 35-40 legislators in attendance, as well as regents, former regents and CEO’s and government relations officers of the university. I tried to meet most of them when I could and think it was a successful meet and greet event.
  • Next week the House and Senate are in session three days, on the floor all day. Committees are finished with their work. They take a break Thursday and Friday to return for committee work the week of March 28th before their first adjournment on April 1st.

As usual, if I may be of assistance, please contact me at

That’s the buzz this week!