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Basic Needs Coalition Committee Members

Basic Needs Coalition

Committee Members


Jasmine Linabary

Co-chair and Corky's Cupboard Representative

Blythe Eddy

Faculty Representative

Rochelle Rowley

Faculty Representative

Bekah Selby

ASG President or designee

Lucy Steyer

Student Wellness Center Director or designee

Mary McDaniel-Anschutz

Financial Aid Director or designee

Jaime Morris

Residential Life Director or designee

Cass Coughlin

Graduate Student

Carlos Bautista Toloza

Graduate Student

Micheal Torres

Undergraduate Student

Tania Wiest

Undergraduate Student

Lauren Moon

Sodexo Dining Services

Nedrick Price

TRIO and/or First Generation

Kristi Bolen

Student Advising Center

James Keating

Student Accessibility and Support Services Director

Ernetta Fox

Student Veterans Association President or designee


Community Member

Destiny Siegrist, ECKAN

Community Member

Teresa Briggs

Healthier Lyon County