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Pre-Service Experience

Student Teaching

The Block Program / Elementary Education

The program for students pursuing a BSE in Elementary Education is called the Block program. It leads to Block 3, the student teaching experience for elementary education majors.

Deadlines To Remember

Application to Student Teach (Phase II)

  • Spring semester - September 1
  • Fall semester - February 1

Five Letters of Recommendation for Phase II Admission

  • Spring - November 20
  • Fall - April 20

Phase / Secondary Education

The program for students pursuing a BSE in Secondary Education is called Phase. It leads to Phase II, the student teaching experience for secondary education majors.

The professional component of Emporia State's secondary and middle school teacher education program has two phases.

Phase I consists of campus and field based professional course work in education. Phase I is Decision Point 1 for ESU teacher education. Decision Points are points at which a decision about continuance or non-continuance in the Teacher Education Program is made for each candidate. Normally, students enter Phase I during the junior year.

Phase II consists of a full semester of student teaching which occurs during the senior year.