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About the Teachers College College

Get a comprehensive look of The Teachers College

Are you new to The Teachers College and/or Emporia State University? Or has it been a while since you checked in on your alma mater?

From the items below, you can select information to provide you with the scope and size of The Teachers College, find out about how we treat our people and the communities we are a part of, what our history is, and the latest events and activities of the college.

Academic Departments

We have six academic departments offering an array of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees and certificates. Many programs are for educators, just as many are for professions outside of education aimed at improving the lives of others.

Awards + Honors

Whether its honoring our students, faculty and staff, or a children's author, an alumnus who has gone on to distinguish themselves, we recognize the people of The Teachers College.

Dean's Office

From the college's leadership to its mission, the source of a lot of information to assist students, staff and faculty is housed here.

Centers + Services

Our college and its programs are part of several groups - geographic, learning, professional communities. Units within the college support these communities and our students working to join those groups.

Legacy of Excellence

Identified as a school of education "blazing the trail to better practices," Emporia State is known for the quality of its graduates.

Our Spaces

While a great deal of instruction can can and does take place online, we offer some fully online programs, some blended experiences of face to face and online, some where you start your degree at another school and complete it here. (BTW - our MS in HPER was the first online program in that field in the nation.) It is important you know the facilities available to you as you complete your studies at ESU.

TTC Organizational Structure

Learn the structure of The Teachers College.

The Teachers College Newsletter

From its beginnings more than 25 years ago, the newsletter (also called Spotlight Express) provides alumni, legislators, stakeholders, friends, colleagues, and any number of audiences with the information about the past and present of the college.