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About the Teachers College College

Get a comprehensive look of The Teachers College

About The Teachers College

We offer a winning combination of nationally recognized programs and top-notch faculty, all contained in student-focused learning environments which give you real-world experiences. Whether your goal is a career inside or outside education, or if you are a practicing professional looking to advance or change your career, The Teachers College is here to serve you.

2022 Honors Banquet of The Teachers College

Dean's Office

From the college's leadership to its mission, the source of a lot of information to assist students, staff and faculty is housed here.

Dean's Office
Students posing with awards

Awards + Honors

Whether it's honoring our students, faculty and staff, a children's author, or an alumnus who has gone on to distinguish themselves, we recognize the people of The Teachers College.

Awards + Honors

Spaces + Services

Centers + Services

Our college and its programs are part of several groups - geographic, learning and professional communities. Units within the college support these communities and our students working to join those groups.

Visser Hall

Explore Visser Hall, the building The Teachers College is housed in.