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Elementary Education - Early Childhood - Special Education

Pursue your career in elementary education

Elementary Education / Early Childhood / Special Education

Elementary Education, Early Childhood, Special Education (EL / EC / SE) offers one undergraduate program - Elementary Education - and three graduate programs: an Instructional Specialist degree with concentrations in Reading Specialist PK-12/Elementary Content/Elementary STEM, a master’s degree in Early Childhood Unified Education (Birth to Age 8 or Birth to K), and a master’s degree in special education with concentrations available in gifted, talented, and creative or high incidence.

Elementary teacher standing at board pointing to lesson

Undergraduate Program

Early in ESU's teacher education program, you get to explore the teaching profession, issues in education, and the nature of children in the classroom through the Introduction to Teaching course. Upon completion of coursework at Emporia State, you will receive a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) degree.

Elementary Education
Elementary teacher reading book to elementary students

Graduate Programs

Whether its a master's degree you are looking for or a certificate in a particular area, we offer a range of programs aimed at providing you the opportunity to specialize in your interest area within education. If you have an undergraduate degree in another area and are looking to switch careers, our master's in elementary education is suited for you.

Graduate Programs

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Four-week Student Teaching Opportunities

You can customize your student-teaching experience by serving four weeks in a school out of state or even abroad. Visit the Four-Week Student Teaching Opportunities page for more information.

Four-week Student Teaching Opportunities



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