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Scholarships for Pre-Service Teachers

There are many scholarship opportunities for Emporia State students. For a complete listing of all scholarships, visit ESU's Scholarship Library.

Below are resources for you to learn more about scholarships for pre-service teachers.

Elberta Harris Scholarship

For incoming freshmen and continuing undergraduate students who have graduated from Johnson County, Kansas.

Lattner Student Teacher Scholarship

The Lattner Family Foundation believes in the importance of higher education. To provide an education opportunity for all students, the Foundation has established the Student Teacher Education Scholarship Program. The number of scholarships awarded depends on availability of funds.

Stephen and Karen Kohler Clegg Scholarship

The Stephen and Karen Kohler Clegg Scholarship was established to support students pursuing a secondary education degree in mathematics or science. The value of the award, and number of students awarded, varies each year.

Future Teacher Scholarship

Each year college students can apply for scholarships from Kansas PTA. These scholarships are geared to students wanting to continue their careers as teachers in Kansas are encouraged to apply. Learn more by going to this site and scrolling until you see "Future Teacher Scholarship."

Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship

Offered by the Kansas Board of Regents, the Kansas Teacher Service Scholarship is a merit-based service obligation scholarship program providing financial assistance to both students pursuing bachelor's degree programs and currently licensed teachers pursuing an endorsement in hard-to-fill disciplines or master's degrees in hard-to-fill disciplines or either group planning to teach in an underserved geographic area.


A TEACH Grant can help you pay for college if you plan to become a teacher in a high-need field in a low-income area. You will be required to teach for a certain length of time, so make sure you understand your obligation.

Loan Cancellation/Deferment Option for Teachers

Wondering whether you can get your federal student loans forgiven or canceled for your service as a teacher? The US Department of Education and Federal Student Aid offers a Loan Cancellation/Deferment Option for Teachers.

Breidenthal Education Scholars

The Breidenthal Education Scholars Program provides any student from Wyandotte County majoring in Elementary Education through our JCCC/ESU or KCKCC/ESU Distance Partnership Programs and carrying at least 6 credit hours with a $1,000 annual scholarship, pending available funding. If the number of eligible students exceeds the available funding, awards will go to those with the greatest financial need. To learn more, visit the ESU scholarship library or email

Salina Education Foundation’s LIFT

The Salina Education Foundation’s LIFT (Loan Initiative for Future Teachers) program provides up to $5,000 per year for Saline County students who are working on her/his initial teaching certification.

Check out the ESU Scholarships and Grants page to find more information.