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About the College

Buildings of The Teachers College

Buildings housing the departments and services of The Teachers College:

Visser Hall

Visser Hall houses the majority of the academic programs and several services of the college, along with the dean's office.

HPER Building

Often pronounced as "hyper," the HPER is home to programs and facilities of the Department of Health, Physical Education, & Recreation.

The Earl Center

Housing the Department of Counselor Education and Community Counseling Services on the upper floor, The Earl Center is also home to the programs of the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence on the lower floor.

Every building needs care and maintenance, and the occasional makeover.

Recent Visser Hall Renovations

Summer 2018 saw renovations to facilities within Visser Hall, including most of the second floor and the addition of 24/7 learning commons off of Skillet Atrium.

In Spring 2018, inside the main entrance, display cases and walls were removed for the Kansas Masonic Literacy Center to create space for its expanding services.

The work continued during Summer 2019, when new flooring, paint, and windows were put in place to update the needs of students and update the interior finishes.

Recent HPER Building Renovations

In 2016, the top floor of the HPER was remodeled to allow for learning commons space for students - to work individually or in groups - and classrooms were upgraded to integrate technology.