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The Teachers College Licensure

Information about teaching licensure

Licensing in any state can be confusing.

The Emporia State University Licensure Officer has provided information here to help guide you through the process and assist you in understanding what you need.

You have all kinds of questions, we do our best to answer them.

Emporia State University Licensure Officer

Andra Baldwin is a liaison between the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the educators who complete licensure programs at ESU for teaching, school specialist licenses, as well as building and district administration licenses.

She provides direction and instructions for those interested in applying for licenses or endorsements, but is also tasked with interpreting various KSDE regulations and making them accessible to educators, students, faculty and staff.

Additionally, Andra can answer your questions regarding Praxis and School Leadership Series (SLS) tests. Contact her at 620-341-5412 or

Professional Licensure by State

Read information regarding academic programs that may lead to professional licensure, requirements and resources for licensure in Kansas and US states and territories.

Background Check

A background clearance is required of any applicant for a Kansas license or any applicant who may have previously held a Kansas license but whose license has expired. There are two ways to go about initiating this:

  • The KSDE fingerprint packet is available to pick up from ESU in Visser Hall, Room 208, the Office of Field Placement and Licensure.
  • You may request a fingerprint packet to be mailed to you by filling out the Order Fingerprint Card form from the KSDE website.

Professional License, Performance Assessment, Renewal

  • At Emporia State, contact: Andra Baldwin, Licensing Officer,
    620-341-5412, Visser Hall 208
  • For the most current Kansas renewal requirements, learn more from the KSDE web site


  • To find out which test you must take for your ESU teaching or school specialist program, go to
  • To find out which test you must take for your ESU school leadership program:

If you are unsure of which test is required for your degree and/or Kansas license, contact the ESU Licensure Officer (620-341-5412).

More information for Kansas educator licensing, review the Regulations and Standards for Kansas Educators from the Kansas State Department of Education.