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Mentoring to Students

Family Literacy Program

The goal of the Family Literacy Program is to provide our college students experience as tutors working with young people in a school setting and give quality instruction and mentoring to the classroom students.

“There is no better way to serve another human being than to support the learning development of a young child! We envision the tutor as a mentor who makes a personal commitment to a student’s success and offers support and encouragement for learning. Tutors have something valuable to offer students. The personal support of one-on-one interaction and encouragement will create a sparkle in the students’ eyes as they experience success. Tutors will also experience the excitement of sharing the gift of learning!”

  • TUTORS . . . . . . . ARE COACHES
  • TUTORS . . . . . . . BUILD TEAMWORK

The program is a result of the government grant received at Emporia State University and a cooperative effort between The Teachers College, the Office of Field Placement & Licensure, the Jones Institute for Educational Excellence, the cooperating host schools, and the Office of Student Financial Aid. All areas have significant input in the design and direction of the program. All tutors are under the Federal Work Study Program and administered by the Office of Field Placement and Licensure. Tutoring hours may be used for the required 100 hours for admission to Phase I/Block 2. Emporia elementary public schools (K-9) are served.

Most materials used by the tutors are created or selected specifically for this program utilizing the expertise of professional educators on campus and in the schools to devise high quality materials to benefit the tutor and the students. During the school year, participants give our program feedback on the performance of our services. Responses on individual tutor evaluation forms are compiled for summary reports and help guide and revise our program.

Mary Benjamin, 620-341-5802

Application for Student Employment

Students looking for placement in school settings must complete the Application for Student Employment.pdf.

Tracking Your Time

Students are required to document the record of the times and dates of their tutoring sessions through this log-in sheet.pdf.