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Unclassified Professional Commission, Faculty Senate, & University Support Staff Senate

Shared Governance

Emporia State University is led and supported by administrators, faculty and staff through its bodies of shared governance. Representatives of Emporia State’s faculty and staff provide input to the university’s administration about policies. The three groups representing faculty and staff are Faculty Senate, Unclassified Professional Commission and University Support Staff Senate. The fourth leg of shared governance is Associated Student Government, which represents the student body.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate at Emporia State is a governance body representing the faculty.

Unclassified Professionals Senate

The Unclassified Professionals Senate (UPS) at Emporia State is a representative body of the unclassified professional employees.

University Support Staff Senate

The University Support Staff Senate (USS) at Emporia State University is to be the voice and representation for all University Support Staff (USS) in the campus Shared Governance, strategic planning, goals, and campus life.