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Recreation Services Policies

How to enter the Recreation Center

You must present your current Hornet ID or a membership card

Facility + Entry Policies

ID Cards

* The Student Recreation Center is intended for recreational use of the Emporia State Campus Community. The Student Recreation Center is a controlled access facility. Only authorized users are allowed entry. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni that have either paid the Student Activity Fee or purchased a membership may also purchase a membership for their spouse/partner.

* Individuals that cannot present a valid Hornet Card or Recreation Services Membership card at time of entry will not be allowed access to the Student Recreation Center.

* ID cards may only be used by the person the card was assigned to. ID cards may not be shared. Cardholders who share their card will have their card confiscated and may be subject to suspension of membership privileges. The patron using the wrong ID card will not be allowed to access the building for the remainder of the day. The card owner must meet with the staff to redeem the card and regain admission. Any misuse of valid IDs and improper entry is subject to disciplinary action including immediate removal and suspension from recreation Services facilities and further university discipline.

* Students, faculty, staff, and members who do not bring their cards are eligible to purchase a guest pass to access the facilities.

Guest Policy

* The Student Recreation Center Guest passes may be purchased by the host at the Student Recreation Center front desk.

* Host’s membership will be validated before being allowed to purchase a guest pass.

* Guests must be at least 18 years of age.

* A guest pass is valid only on the date shown on the pass

* If a guest pass is found to contain inaccurate information, the sponsoring member’s facility privileges may be affected (up to and including loss of membership privileges).

* The host must accompany the guest while using the facility. Guests are not allowed to use the facility if the sponsoring member is not present.

* Hosts and their guests are responsible for compliance with all facility policies. Failure to do so will result in loss of guest privileges.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Food

* Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the center, and violation will result in immediate suspension, and possible revocation of Student Recreation Center privileges.

* The Student Recreation Center is a tobacco free environment. Smoking or smokeless tobacco are not allowed inside of the Student Recreation Center.

* Use of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted in or on Recreation Services facilities.

* Food and beverages are allowed in the “Commons Area” of the Student Recreation Center

* Water and sports drinks are allowed throughout the entire facility but must be in a plastic, screw-top, or spill-proof bottle.

Dress Code

What to wear-

* Shirts that have an armpit gap that is less than the palm of your hand.

* Shirts that cover full torso and do not expose skin below bra line in back.

* Shoes must be closed-toed and cover the entire foot.

* Shoes must be worn in all locations of the facility at all times.

* Shorts/pants should be free of belts, studs, rivets, and zippers.

* Shorts cannot expose the buttocks.

This policy is implemented to reduce the risk of bacterial disease transmission, further mitigate risk, prolong the life of exercise equipment, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all patrons.

Pets + Animals

No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed on the Intramural Fields with or without a leash. Only dogs specifically identified as service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed in campus buildings. Approved emotional support animals are restricted to residential housing. Other than in the case of these limited exceptions, pets and emotional support animals are not to be in campus buildings.

Bicycles, Skateboards, and In-Line Skates

No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters, are allowed in Recreation Services facilities.

Usage Policies

Weight Equipment

* Remove all plates from bars and replace all dumbbells, weights, and bars to original storage space when you are finished using them.

* Dumbbells and weight plates are not to be dropped, stood on, placed on upholstery, or leaned against walls, railings, equipment, or mirrors.

* The use of a spotter and clamps/clips are recommended.

* Unnecessary grunting or yelling is not permitted.

* All free-weights must remain in free-weight area.

* Dead-lifts are only allowed using dumbbells, barbells, Smith machine, or squat rack. Olympic bars are to remain with their station.

* Safety bars must be in place when performing any exercise.

* To ensure clear walking paths and help prevent trips and falls, personal items (such as backpacks, gym bags, purses, and jackets) must remain in each individual’s exercise area and out of open space.

Multipurpose Gym Courts

* Excessive grabbing or handing on rim or net is prohibited.

* Recreation Services strongly recommends no jewelry be worn during participation in the gymnasium areas.

* Participants must seek assistance from facility staff for adjustments to the volleyball, badminton, or other setups and are not to set-up, take-down, or remove Recreation Services equipment.

* No tape may be placed on gym floors or walls without permission form Recreation Services administration.

* Patrons are not allowed to use personal portable speakers to listen to their own music while using the gymnasiums. Please use personal headphones.

* Recreation Services and Special Events have priority for usage of the courts.

* Users are to abide by all staff requests. Failure to comply may result in temporary or permanent loss of use.

Equipment Usage

* Due to the risk of potential injury or damage to equipment, use of extreme caution and a spotter are recommended when using free-weights.

* Equipment is to be used for intended purposes only

* Wipe down machines/pads after use with available spray bottle and towel

* Notify Recreation Services Staff if the equipment needs to be cleaned and / or repaired

* Additional location specific policy signage may be placed in respective areas.

Additional Policies

Behavior and Personal Safety

* All users will abide by instructions and directions of Student Recreation Center employees.

* Officials of the University Recreation Programs, and the University Police and Safety Department, reserve the right to exclude anyone from the Student Recreation Center for inappropriate behavior. Staff reserves the right to make judgement and the final decision on policies not covered in the participant policies.

* Inappropriate behavior which is not to be tolerated includes:

Verbal and/or physical abuse


Obscene gestures or actions

Abuse of staff in any form

Profane or offensive language

Misuse or abuse of equipment

* No spitting on floors, walls, or in the water fountains.

* The University recreation Programs reserve the right to close or shorten Student Recreation Center hours when deemed necessary, or due to safety precautions.

* Use of activity spaces such as basketball and/or volleyball courts when not scheduled/reserved (including priority scheduling) is first come first served

* The use of personal portable speakers to listen to music is not allowed. Please use personal headphones.

Lost and Found

* Recreation Services is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Staff members are not permitted to hold equipment, valuables, or bags for participants.

* All personal items must be stores clear of walkways and exercise equipment.

* Found items should be turned in at the front desk.

Photography and Videography

The following rules must be followed in order to film or take pictures in any of our facilities:

* Individuals wishing to take pictures or use a video tape recorder in our facilities must have approval from Recreation Services administration.

* Email recreation Services administration to request a media pass. It is recommended that a media pass request is made at least 48 hours before a scheduled shoot.

* No member may be singled out for videotape purposes without their consent. Patron consent must be documented prior to videotaping/photographing.

* Complaints from members regarding any aspect related to the production of videotape in our facilities will result in termination of the videotape process and forfeiture of the actual film.

* Recreation Services reserves the right to have the recording made in our facilities removed from all viewing formats if a representative of our department determines that the standards of this agreement are not met.


* Lockers are available for check out in the lobby of the Student Recreation Center. You must deposit a quarter into the locker to secure your key. When you return your key, the quarter will be returned.

* All personal items must be removed no later than the closing time daily. Articles left in locker sill be confiscated.