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October Numbers Show Kansas Economy Leveling

The October installment of the Emporia State Economic Index shows that Kansas gross domestic product has leveled off, although it still increased 1.73 percent from October 2017 compared to October 2016.

Said Dr. Marc Anthony Fusaro, director of the Center for Business and Economics Development in the School of Business at Emporia State University:

“The ESEI shows that the Kansas economy has leveled off in October after experiencing rapid growth for the past several months. It actually dropped by 0.1 percent below the September rate after having grown 2.4 percent since February. Federal government statistics show a revision to the first quarter numbers for January through March 2017. Previously, they were reporting that the first quarter was slightly increased from the October through December 2016 fourth quarter. The revision reports that GDP fell in the first quarter. The new second quarter numbers show an increase just as we had previously estimated.” 

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About the ESEI

The Emporia State Economic Index is based on an estimate of monthly and state level gross domestic product and tells how per capita production is looking in Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Although official statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis are released six to eight months after the end of a month, ESEI is released approximately five weeks after the end of each month. With ESEI reported monthly rather than quarterly, its timeliness provides the best monthly snapshot of recent trends in the state economy.