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Emporia State University Strategic Plan + Climate Survey

The adaptive university

Strategic Plan + Campus Climate Survey


Changing lives for the common good.

The common good is attentive to the interests and well-being of others.


Preparing students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers, and adaptive leadership.

Formal education provides the basis for the continued pursuit of knowledge to enrich one’s personal and professional life, independent of time and place. Adaptive – collegial – leadership recognizes the many contributions of individuals toward society’s common interests and aspirations.


The university has four core values: excellence, respect, responsibility, and service.

With excellence, the university values intellectual challenges, problem solving, and creative and critical thinking.
With respect, the university values integrity, collaboration, diversity, freedom of thought, freedom of inquiry, and freedom of expression.
With responsibility, the university values accountability and stewardship of the institution, the environment, human resources, and personal well-being.
With service, the university values engagement in leadership and community that positively impacts our global society.


GOAL 1: Pursue distinctive initiatives in curricula and programs.
GOAL 2: Develop the university’s capacity for adaptive leadership consistent with the Kansas Leadership Center framework.
GOAL 3: Enhance the competitive role of Kansas by enrolling, retaining, and graduating students ready for life and career.
GOAL 4: Create and support sustainable innovation and growth.
GOAL 5: Become a model for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Plan goals are intentionally broad and flexible. Campus leadership will continue to develop ways to operationalize goals and develop strategies based on annual assessments of progress toward goal attainment.

Strategic Plan Adaptive University.pdf

Campus Climate Survey

As Emporia State University continues to assess the experiences of our students, staff, and faculty in our endeavor of becoming a model for diversity, equity, and inclusion, we invited campus members to participate in our 2022 Campus

Climate Survey. Capturing and acknowledging these experiences and perspectives is essential to unlocking strategies to tackle inequalities and cultivating a welcoming environment.

Over 1,200 responses were recorded through this climate survey. Staff, faculty, and students at the Emporia main campus, at distance sites such as ESUKC, Butler CC-El Dorado, or Butler CC-Andover, and online campus community members were all surveyed to understand the environments on all of these campuses.

These responses provided key insights to understanding climate, culture, and practices on campus. This survey helps provide a clear understanding of the

experiences our community members . These results guide the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) and the institution in making necessary change to support our collective community.

Survey results

Campus Climate Survey.pdf