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Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

In 2014, Emporia State University celebrated its 150 year anniversary as an institution of higher education in Kansas. Much has been accomplished over the past 150 years, and the ambitions of the university continue. Emporia State recognizes that the institution – its campus, facilities and programs –must continue to evolve to remain vital.

To commemorate the first 150 years, ESU has prepared this master plan to take the university forward over the next ten years and beyond. The plan is guided by the following vision:

The campus for Emporia State University will exemplify:

  • an inviting and exciting place for students to learn;
  • a model residential campus;
  • an institution engaged with the community;
  • the most vital economic engine for the community and the region; and a place that is
    • modern and comfortable (a 21st century feel),
    • active and alive (not a suitcase campus)
    • where signature academics programs are featured, and
    • where student success services are convenient to use and easy to find,

all within an environment that is rooted in the Flint Hills.

Through the summer and fall of 2013 and the spring semester of 2014, the university community participated in a process of assessing existing conditions, exploring future possibilities and identifying facility improvements. Campus engagement occurred through on-line surveys and on-campus workshops, interviews and presentations.

On-campus enrollment at ESU has stabilized recently around 4,300 students (headcount). Recent trends have shown an increase in graduate and on-line enrollment. With a focus on recruiting and retention, ESU is working to increase undergraduate enrollment levels, as well. This master plan is intended to accommodate an increased on-campus headcount enrollment to 5,000 students within the next ten years. Space needs for academics, administrative support, student support and housing on campus are planned accordingly. Download the campus master plan below.

Campus Master Plan.pdf