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Grades Degree + Degree Analyst

Degree + Degree Analyst Office

Welcome to Degree Analysis Office.

The Degree Analysis verifies that requirements have been met for an undergraduate student to be awarded a degree. To expedite this process we use an automated degree check system. All departments in the Teacher's College and School of Business and most departments in the College of the Liberal Arts now use this system. We work closely with students and their advisors to help ensure that students fulfill graduation requirements in a timely manner.

Request for Duplicate Diploma

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Contact Information

Tammy McEvoy
108H of Plumb Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file an Intent to Graduate?

Go to “Students” on Hornet 365.

Scroll down to click on Academic Life, then select Student Records.

From the available options, choose Intent to Graduate Application and follow the prompts. Please make sure that you do not proceed with this submission until you have read all the directions. For example, if the curriculum that shows is incomplete or wrong (e.g. it shows you are pursuing a Bachelor of Science when you are actually pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, or your minor is not listed), stop! You will want to correct your record right away to prevent a possible graduation delay. Contact your Advisor to discuss submitting a Request to Change of Undergraduate Student Curriculum form correcting your curriculum. If your curriculum is correct proceed to submit the request. (Please note, the very first item says “Select a Term:” with a drop down. As instructed, click submit without changing the term. You will be asked for the graduation term later.)

What if I need to make a major/minor course change?

Meet with your advisor to determine if the change is possible. If so, have your advisor complete submit a Requirement Exception form.

Where do I find minimum graduation, major, minor, or general education information?

This information is in your undergraduate catalog. (In PDF format by visiting this web page.) Most divisions will provide you with major/minor requirement handouts. Minimum graduation requirements can also be found in your Degree Works degree evaluation in Hornet 365.

How can I find out if a course will transfer from another college/ university?

Contact the Transcript Analyst's Office or visit the Transfer Course Database.

Guidelines for Second Bachelor