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Endorsement - Special Education, Gifted

Courses for Gifted Endorsement

Students can either seek a degree concentration or an endorsement in Gifted Special Education.

Required Courses & Descriptions

SD 850 Characteristics of the Gifted (3 hrs)

This course emphasizes the definition of giftedness from historical to present, characteristics of the gifted, and factors (such as gender, cultural differences, creativity) involved in identification of the gifted. Special problem topics are identified and addressed. Programs for various levels are covered as well as evaluation and parenting skills.

SD 851 Education of the Gifted (3 hrs)

Methods and procedures for adapting the educational process to the gifted are studied.

SD 852 Affective Needs of the Gifted (3 hrs)

This seminar provides information on affective aspects of giftedness, emphasizing proactive and preventative approaches.

SD 864 Creative Teaching and Learning (3 hrs)

The course, appropriate for both special teachers of the gifted and general educators, including teachers, counselors, and administrators, explores the nature of creativity, with the emphasis given to attitudes, motivations, and educational practices which foster the identification, development, and maintenance of creative behaviors.

SD 865 Supervised Practice I, Gifted and Talented (3 hrs)

(Prerequisites, SD850, SD851 and consent of instructor.) The course provides directed experiences in an educational setting specifically designed for gifted children at the primary and/or elementary level.

SD 866 Supervised Practice II, Gifted and Talented (3 hrs)

(Prerequisites, SD850, SD851, SD852, SD857, SD864 or approval of instructor.) This supervised practicum requires a student to draw on knowledge and skills gained in previous gifted education courses to plan and carry out relevant, appropriate projects with gifted elementary students.

Total Hours - 18 hrs