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Student Success Stories

MS, Elementary Education Testimonials

Madison Dodd

"I’m Madison Dodd, a Kansas City, MO, native and former actress. I am just starting on week two of the master's in Elementary Education program and I am loving the online learning system thus far. For someone with limited teaching experience beforehand, the professors have selected reading materials and lessons that make it easy to get started on this journey. I feel sure that by the time I am finished with my program of study I will be ready to rock it in my future classroom!"

Ethan Olson

“My experience at ESU was incredible! While learning online, I was able to work full-time and go to school while being completely supported by everyone on staff," said Ethan Olson. "Earning my master's and allowing for a career change through ESU was invaluable. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to be a classroom teacher!”

Jordan Lumley

"I started the ELED program in the Fall of 2020, and have continued working my full-time job. The faculty and staff have made it easy to plan my program around my daily life," said Jordan Lumley. "How classes are set up all online, it is also easy to schedule my assignments around work and complete. Because I currently work in pediatrics, the classes I am taking are benefiting me now, but at the same time preparing me for a future education career!"

Gunile Haroual

"My experience with the master's in Elementary Education program has been nothing but amazing." said Gunile Haroual. "It started from the very beginning when I reached out inquiring about the program. I had so many questions but everyone was so patient to answer everything for me within minutes it seemed. The professors genuinely care about me as a real person, I'm not just a number. I can tell they put much time and effort into designing their courses so they are meaningful and have purpose for us in our future or current classrooms. I am so glad I took this leap; it's been perfect in so many ways."